Jai Jinendra!

Welcome to Jain Center of Greater St. Louis

You may feel like a drop in the bucket. But every drop counts! A bunch of little donations can add up to make a big difference.


Founded in 1986, the Jain Center of Greater St. Louis is a Section 509(c)(3) non-profit tax-exempt organization, registered in the State of Missouri. JCSTL is a member of the Federation of Jain Associations In North America (JAINA) & located at the Hindu Temple of St. Louis.


Membership is open to all believers in the philosophy of the Jain religion. JCSTL arranges programs such as inviting guest speakers on religious topics, celebrate Jain’s major festivals, and picnics, etc. All the members are invited to attend these programs.

Event Calendar

While we make every effort to note down all upcoming events on the website, we highly encourage everyone to subscribe our website to receive updates and notifications on the upcoming events and activities organized by JCSTL.


All Shravak and Shravika should take benefit (‘labh’) by offering their services (time or donations) to the Jain Center. JCSTL organizes various activities during the year which require your support and participation as members of our growing community. Our events provide various opportunities where you can offer your services in the areas of interest. Please contact us indicating your areas of interest. Doing so will help us plan and assign appropriate tasks to you. We appreciate your continued support.